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Dean’s Message

Welcome to Godfrey Okoye University’s Faculty of Arts.
Faculty of Arts is the youngest faculty in Godfrey Okoye University. We started in 2014. In our third year, we have expanded to three departments, English and Literary Studies, History, International Studies, and Diplomacy, and Music. We also have Philosophy and Religion as a programme. We hope to start Foreign and Nigerian Languages in the near future. We occupy a cluster of buildings which has helped the development of close ties in the faculty. We enjoy very luxurious accommodation. We recently started a faculty library. Plans for 2017 include a faculty seminar and a faculty journal. We look forward to increasing our student and staff population in 2017. The mission of the Faculty of Arts is to champion the arts in a society which favours science and technology. The Faculty of Arts continues to uphold the importance of the arts in the face of government policy which under-values the role of the arts in contributing to development. We believe the arts can help in fostering creativity and imagination which are so necessary to development. In addition, the arts emphasize correct use of English language in written and oral forms. Study of the arts can contribute to fostering Nigerian culture and appreciation of literature and music. Study of history gives us perspective on current problems and aids in avoiding mistakes of the past.

Dean of Arts Romanus Egudu professor BA MA PhD