The Department of History, International Studies and Diplomacy belongs to the Faculty of arts at Godfrey Okoye University Enugu. Trainee historians can grow through course work, library research, guided tours of heritage sites, original research into approved themes, free university lectures and word-listing as the technology for competence.




History as the mother of and background to all subjects is the eternal house of wisdom. As such, history provides the building blocks to nations. “Historified” citizens cultivate and defend equality, rule of law and social justice.

Teamed with International Studies and Diplomacy, this effort will provide:

  • The heritage of many pasts within the past
  • Experience to guide leaders
  • Tolerance to promote national or international cooperation
  • Social intelligence to diplomatic practice
  • A peace-centered culture to yield civilization
  • Survivalist outlook to use the past for inspiration and continuity
  • Key vocabulary as backbone for competence in the subject-matter
  • Citizens who are prepared for civic duties
  • A workforce relevant to Nigeria as professionals, politicians or diplomats
  • A de-genderized society where history or herstory combine the achievements of men and women.



This programme can provide rounded citizens that accept advanced democratic culture. After training, historians will be at home in the world of work where variety, creativity, competence and education move nations on and up.